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Founded in 2002, the Seattle Chamber Orchestra is rapidly gaining recognition for its artistic excellence and wide ranging repertoire. Led by Russian-born violinist and conductor, Michael Miropolsky, the SCO consists of virtuoso players from the Seattle Symphony and the Pacific Northwest region. This unique group of musicians aspires to perform both orchestral and chamber works through a medium which captures the richest elements of both worlds. Each member must possess elements of a soloist, a chamber musician and an orchestral player. The core of 15 players can be added to or subtracted from which allows for versatility in programming if winds, percussion or keyboard are needed for music of different periods.

The SCO's debut garnered such praise from the Seattle Times: "Technically assured and polished...great deal of tonal variety...energy manifested even in the quietist passages..." The orchestra's first CD, "Capriccios" was released in 2002 and it's second "The Chamber Symphony" was released in 2004.

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